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Traditional and Digital artist

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Featured Work

The Pleasure Seeker

Acrylic on stretched canvas; 2021

Gertrude Stein’s Coffee

Oil on stretched canvas; 2021

Ian Fleming’s Mar-Tinny

Acrylic on stretched canvas; 2021

Upcoming Exhibitions

Saatchi Art's 'The Other Art Fair'

Melboourne. May 2022

I’m extremely excited about the return of Saatchi Art’s ‘The Other Art Fair’ in Melbourne during May, 2022

More details will be coming soon

Hand-finished limited edition Giclée prints

Available with free shipping

Free Art Prints the mad hatter's teapot with playful kitten

Free. Art. Prints

Learn how to collect a whole series of art prints for free (and you also have a high chance of making some dollars for yourself out of it; now, wouldn’t that be nice in today’s world?)


Exclusive access to original modern pop art oil paintings and hand-finished museum quality limited edition prints


I’m now selling some of my work exclusively on NFT platforms with the long-term goal of having everything there. Original artwork is available alongside digital assets and a combination of the two

New Series: Giving face to women executed as witches

In my digital work I’m exploring the dark underbelly of human nature and the first series is entirely devoted to giving portraits to women who, accused of witchcraft and demonic possession, were cruelly tortured and executed. All of these pieces are available first as NFTs here: H=N and they also have their own website for limited and open edition prints here

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Shoot me an email with a request to use the image you need and I'll be more than happy to send one over

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