Free. Art. Prints

Print it. Frame it. Hang it. Sell it

Free Art Prints Ian Fleming's Mar-Tinny in soft pastel room above seat

Free. Art. Prints




Print it

you will receive a file big enough for a large print from a print-shop which can also be printed from home; and you can even use it as wallpaper and display for your digitals

Free Art Prints the Freshwater five in stylish reading room



Hang it

framed or displayed with a fridge magnet; the choice is yours

Free Art Prints the pleasure seeker in child's room with rocking horse toy car and bed



Sell it

you are now more than welcome to sell the original Free Art NFT on for whatever you want to ask for it

or you can HODL it for the future as it may rise in value

It’s. Your. Choice

These Free Art Prints are Coming next

Free Art Prints the mad hatter's teapot with playful kitten

The Mad Hatter’s Teapot

Free Art Prints Leopold Bloom's breakfast of kidney's on bench with various food items

Leopold Bloom’s breakfast of Kidney’s

Free Art Prints Campbell's soup art print with stylish woman on a leatehr couch

Lunch, ruined   Campbell’s soup

Free Art Prints morning coffee with Alfred Meakin in cafe with solo person in beanie and jacket

Morning coffee with Alfred Meakin

Reviews and Testimonials

Very impressed indeed and will be returning to purchase more prints for sure

Bought two prints

Julie B.


Thank you Jed for this gorgeous piece of art. If we’re all going to be stuck at home, we should at least be surrounded by beautiful things

Husband bought art as a birthday present

Heather N.


I’m excited to have recently received three prints of your awesome art, your art is beautiful and so cool; I have big plans and we’re looking forward to having the prints displayed in our living room

Bought three prints



Being new to the NFT scene, I found it easy to navigate the process.
As a private art admirer (now ‘collector’!) I grabbed “The Pleasure Seeker” and “The Freshwater Five” which I had printed on lightly textured cotton rag paper; the colours and detail are simply stunning and the next best thing to being face to face with the original painting!
I look forward to following your upcoming works and purchasing again in the near future.



I was stunned to see the perfect prints in beautiful colour that matched the website; and the artwork itself is captivating. The paper stock they were printed on felt like satin quality. I’m so grateful, happy, and pleased I bought them

Bought two prints

Richard H.


How does it work again? You go to the Free Art Prints drop site here and grab an image (assuming there’s one left) for a small network transaction/admin fee of 0.99 cents

Then what happens? You download the high quality file and print it or save it

And then? It’s your choice – you can either make it available to someone else for the same network fee (or more if there are none left for this drop) or keep it to trade later

Ah! Gotcha 🙂 So what about the environment? Well, not all NFTs are made equal. The Tezos network consumes over two million times less energy than networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can read more here if you’d like

So why don’t I just download it without paying the small network fee? Well, we hope you won’t as you’re now part of our  family and you wouldn’t want anyone to steal from your family would you? Also, you won’t be able to re-sell it and the platform will soon, if it hasn’t already, display just a small thumbnail. We like honesty and integrity here

So can I make prints and sell them? No; you are granted rights to print an image but copyright always remains with the artist and while you can re-sell the original image file as an NFT for whatever you want, this does not grant you rights over the artist to produce and sell prints. You’ll already be getting it for free anyway

So can I transfer it instead of trading it? Unfortunately not; if you want to pass it on then it must be traded with Tezos on

Is it a scam? The artist sells original paintings for several thousands of dollars and he is verifiable. Please visit the full website to read recent press and blog interviews. He is also affiliated with major global art galleries and wants you to have art in your life. Plus, he wants more people to become familiar with the amazing world of NFTs

So who’s the artist? Good question, you can learn all about SMART | Pop Artist here

Anything else? More art is dropped each week so remember to return to Free Art Prints to collect the set,  follow on socials, and, just as importantly, send through your contact email above to be informed of new drops before everyone else does (remember, there are only 50 of each NFT Art dropped each week so get yours before they are all gone)


Shoot me an email with a request to use the image you need and I'll be more than happy to send one over

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