The Mad Hatter’s Teapot too


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The Mad Hatter’s Teapot too – In a continuing series of an ongoing relationship with the ordinary and everyday, I have reached out to others for them to share with me the things that form their everyday.

These are the things that they might reach for in different times of the day yet do so automatically, without much thought. For example, ‘Maldon Sea Salt’ goes on pretty much everything I eat which, when given further thought, acts in some way as my maintained and physical connection to Europe – the salt from the sea is an essential part of my physicality.

‘The Mad Hatter’s Teapot too’ – I’m purposefully not sharing the identities of those that shared their sometimes very personal stories with me; and so, ‘The Mad Hatter’s Teapot’ came from another artist who told me that she always begins her painting day with tea-time and that this is her favourite teapot.

The tea settles her, keeps her grounded, and it feels like meditation as she thinks about how to progress with her painting; the fact that the tea comes from such a beautiful teapot is a perfect example of form and function as, she says, “the beautiful tea pot is definitely important to me, [it] makes everything better, it’s like an extra energy boost”.

Unfortunately she broke this teapot not long after sending me the reference image and so now, this unique painting also serves as a record to her past and to her creative energy.

30.5 cm (W) x 30.5 cm (H) x 2 cm (D)

Leaves artist’s studio in 1-3 working days when not in exhibition.

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