Vincent vamp #1 limited edition oil painting

What on earth is a limited edition OIL PAINTING?

This is a limited edition oil painting – series of 10.

In an effort to make art more affordable I’ve created ten oil paintings in the method of a print run – so, ten pieces all of the same painting but also with their own unique idiosyncrasies.

It was after having a chat with a student in the UK who wanted to own one of my oil paintings but couldn’t afford the full price of one (and he didn’t want a print); so I thought – limited edition oil paintings for the price of a print!

All of the paintings are on unstretched canvas and will be shipped rolled in a tube. They can easily be stretched onto the standard canvas frame when you receive the painting by your local frame shop, or you can choose to keep the painting as it is and put it into a frame as you would for a print.

The idea is that the outer unpainted border (where the title, signature, and number is) stretched onto the back of the stretcher bars so you have the Naples Yellow paint (and the extended laser beams) on the side.

There is a photo that shows how the painting looks on stretcher bars which can be done by any framing shop. Alternatively, I can stretch it for you for a small additional cost so that it will be ready to hang as soon as you receive it

Size: 42×42 cm

If requesting the painting without the stretcher bars then the painting will be shipped in a tube

If requesting the painting stretched and ready to hang the painting will be shipped in a box

Either way, expect to receive your painting within five business days

Estimating the size of your painting in situ with a floating frame:


Vincent vamp number 01 lifestyle









(Please note that the floating frame isn’t included but the painting will be ready to hang)

Love it well done Steve looks good Love the design

Ash Carter – Atomic coffee maker signed limited edition art print